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 New game to start the new forums

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PostSubject: New game to start the new forums   Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:47 am

this new game i'm coming up with as we speak is to celebrate and get started the forums.

Alright heres my idea
we choose 1 random member of FF and burn them with a insult(not too harsh and not personal)
So say i choose Don
then don has to choose a random member to insult
and the cycle goes on and on and on
we might get a few laughs from it
alright ill start by choosing.....
whenever you call me a Furfag i laugh cus i makes you sound like your into that stuff, kinda like how when a girl in 2nd grade pretends to hate a boy
that she has a crush on.
BURN lols now don its your turn
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New game to start the new forums
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